Winter Book Fair

Our Winter Book Fair came to a close on Tuesday evening, and it was a bittersweet sight to see that big Scholastic truck rolling away from Johnson’s front doors. This was our biggest and most exciting Book Fair yet, setting records in both family attendance and in sales. If you didn’t get a chance to visit Johnson Elementary’s Winter Scholastic Book Fair this year, here’s a recap of some of the most exciting, creative, and fun highlights:

Student Book Fair Scholarships: Thanks to anonymous donations from Johnson employees, Book Fair shoppers, and other generous Charlottesville citizens, we were able to offer more than 65 Book Fair scholarships this year. Each scholarship allowed one student to take home a brand new book from the Book Fair. Delivering these scholarship vouchers was a touching, emotional, and joyful event. I am so thankful that we were able to help so many students this year.

Student Book Fair Advertisements: If you’ve been walking the halls of Johnson Elementary School the last few weeks, then you have surely seen the student-made posters announcing the Book Fair. Students created these posters in order to showcase what they love about the book fair, and to help encourage others to help with this exciting fund-raiser.

Teacher Wish Lists: A new and bright decoration showed up just in time for the book fair this year – a Teacher Wish List Tree. This small tree, laced with bright lights, was set up near the cash register . Hanging on the tree, each homeroom teacher had a small “ornament”, containing a wish list. Teachers filled out their wish lists with books from the book fair on our teacher preview day, before the fair opened. These wish lists allowed students to buy educational, useful, and fun gifts for teachers that would be treasured in the classroom for years to come. Many families took advantage of the wish lists and helped teachers to expand their classroom libraries, and this lead to a lot of very happy teachers!

Parent and Community Book Fair Volunteers: Our Winter Book Fair would never have been such a success without the help of our many parent volunteers. These parents gave their time to help students create wish lists, figure out prices, tally totals, count dollars, and even soothe some frazzled feelings.

Teacher and Staff Assistance: This Winter Book Fair had almost everyone at Johnson involved! Both during events and behind the scenes, the Johnson Elementary School community was a huge help for pulling off this massive and complicated event.

Thank you to everyone who attended, supported, and assisted with the 2013 Winter Book Fair at Johnson Elementary School! We couldn’t have done it without you!

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