2014 Winter Book Fair Scholarship Grand Prize Winners

This year, thanks to generous donations from Johnson staff and families, we were able to fund more than eighty Book Fair Scholarships for deserving Johnson students. A Book Fair Scholarship provides students with financial assistance to purchase a brand new book of their choice from the Book Fair. This experience provides students with more than just a new book to read – it also gives them a huge sense of pride and accomplishment, and shows them that their hard work is noticed and appreciated.

During each Book Fair, nominated students are given the opportunity to write an essay to be entered for a Book Fair Scholarship. This fair’s essay question was a simple one – Why are books important to you?

Before long, the essays started pouring in. Some students wrote so much that they had to go onto the back of the paper; others attached extra pages of doodles and poems; a few even provided full color illustrations. But every single essay had something in common – they were all created by hard working, vibrant students that love to read.

Thanks to the funds raised this year, the Learning Leopard Library was able to add a brand new, grand prize to the Johnson Book Fair Scholarship program. When committee members (which include teachers, administrators, and parents) read through the finished essays, they placed votes for their top five. All of the votes were collected and counted, and the five essays with the most votes were named Grand Prize Scholarship winners. A Grand Prize Scholarship provides students with $10 to shop at the Book Fair, as well as a certificate.

Congratulations to Angel, Gloria, Natya, Noordin, Mena, and Blessing, our 2014 Book Fair Scholarship Grand Prize winners! Below, you can find some of their award winning essays, which have been cropped and edited for privacy. Please take a moment to read these students’ commendable work about the importance of reading.






If you are interested in making a donation or volunteering on behalf of the Johnson Book Fair Scholarship Fund, please contact Miss Messham at messhas1@charlottesvilleschools.org.

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