About Ms. Fitz


My name is Sarah FitzHenry, but you can call me Ms. Fitz. And I love libraries. Big libraries, teeny libraries, school libraries, public libraries, Free Little Libraries… I love ’em all. My love affair with libraries started early. As a kid, my parents would take me to my hometown’s public library at least once a week, set a timer for an hour, and say, “Sarah, you can check out ten books. ONLY TEN. I’m serious this time.” I’d wander up and down the shelves, touching all of the spines, parking myself in the middle of the floor to get lost between the pages. And two hours later, I’d step back into the parking lot, holding  a pile of at least fifteen books. (Sorry, dad.)

I’m a bit older now, but I’m still that little girl behind gigantic glasses that swoons over new titles and lives to be amongst the shelves. As a Library Media Specialist, I get to turn this passion into something magic – a space where students can love to learn and learn to love. My library is loud, messy, and cozy. Everyone is welcome – and everyone knows it. Looking for your newest series conquest? I’ve got your back. Need an escape from something tough going on at home? Follow me. Hate reading? Challenge accepted.

I became a librarian because I believe that the right book at the right time can change a child’s life.

Literature should be meaningful. It should take hold of your heart, and your brain, and refuse to let you go. Many children think that they don’t like reading or that they are not readers; more often than not, they just haven’t found their book yet. Nothing can replace the experience of losing, recognizing, and finding yourself between the pages of a library book.I live for the “ah-hah!” moments that students experience when they read a book that changes everything. It is my goal to find that perfect book for every child – and to be there to facilitate a conversation when lightning strikes.

A good reading teacher will work diligently to give students the skills that they need to be successful readers. A good librarian will take this foundation and give it heart, helping students to develop a lifelong passion for reading and learning.

I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with my parents, two sisters, a handful of cats, and lots of full bookshelves. I hold Bachelors Degrees in Music Education and English/Creative Writing from Bowling Green State University, and a Masters in Library Information Sciences from the University of Pittsburgh.

In my free time, you can find me hanging upside down teaching aerial yoga to kids and adult beginners at FlyDog Yoga. I love photography, music, reading, and spending time with family and friends. I spend my summers pedaling around and eating freeze-pops with Books on Bikes and creating unbelievably cool maker projects with Computers4Kids. When I’m finished reading and biking, I go home to Mr. Fitz (a fellow book lover, nerd extraordinaire, and all around lovely human being), and our two cats, Molly and Brian.

I love Charlottesville, I love reading, and I love libraries. I started writing about libraries in 2013 as a way to prove that librarians do, in fact, make noise. This blog helps me to share my passion for what I do – and more importantly, what I hope to inspire my students to do.

3 thoughts on “About Ms. Fitz

  1. You have such a bright and down-to-earth personality, reading your bio made me feel like we were old friends! All the children under your wing—or cape!—are definitely in good care.


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