Hello, and welcome to the online home for the Johnson Elementary School Library!  This is the very first blog post on the brand new Learning Leopard Library blog page. While you’re here, take a look around to learn a little bit more about what’s happening in the Johnson Elementary School Library.

Under the About the Library tab, you can learn more about the role that the library plays in the school,  as well as some of the things we will be doing in the library this year.

Click over to the Miss Messham tab to learn more about me, Johnson Elementary School’s new library media specialist. Keep an eye out for some signs of my love for technology – like the Glogster that I created to teach you more about myself!

The Library Policies tab will tell you all about some of the library’s rules and procedures. This tab will include information about checking out books, as well as general information about possible rewards and consequences for students in library class.

Finally, the Contact the Library page will provide you with an easy link to send questions, or comments directly. I look forward to hearing from you!

This page, found under the Home tab, will be updated periodically with news and photos of our hard work here in the Johnson Elementary School Library. Check back often to find out what we’re up to! You can also follow our adventures on the JES Library Twitter at www.twitter.com/JohnsonLibrary. Check us out!

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Johnson Elementary School’s Library Media Specialist Sarah Messham via email at messhas1@charlottesvilleschools.org.

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