First Day of School 2012-2013

Yesterday was our first day of school at Johnson Elementary School, and it was a wonderful day! It is so exciting to see the school full of smiling, learning students again after it has been so empty over the summer. The teachers and staff are so happy to have everyone back – it certainly adds excitement to our lives!

Students start attending Specials (which include library, art, music, PE, and Spanish) from the very first day at Johnson, so some classes came to visit the library on their first day of school. These classes were able to start the year off by checking out a library book or two, which made for a lot of smiles! Students will be able to begin checking out library books on their first day of library class.

All week, students in pre-school through fourth grade will be learning about library rules and procedures. The younger students will be starting to explore library songs and learn about check-out, while the older grades will discuss expectations and get a glimpse of the fun things that we will be doing together this year. And, of course, they’ll all be leaving with some great books!

I can’t wait to meet the rest of Johnson’s students! Happy first week of school, everyone!

– Miss Messham

To learn more about the Learning Leopard Library rules and check-out procedures, head over to the Library Policies page.

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