Student Book Review: Eddison’s Review of A Picture Book of John F. Kennedy, by David Adler

A Picture Book of John F. Kennedy

By David Adler

JFK was the 35th president. Born in Brookline Massachusettes. Mother Rosa and father Joseph. Of 8 kids JFK was the second child. 2 younger Jack was thin often sick but loved sports. Strong. He went to a private school but he got in lots of trouble. Jack lost his brother in the war. Jack wanted to be a president but became a senator. In 1951 JFK met Jacqueline and they got married on September 12, 1953. They had a child, a girl and a boy. On November 22, 1963 President Kennedy in Dallas, Texas he was shot. The end.

This book review was written by a Johnson Elementary School Student named Eddison. Eddison is in the 3rd grade.

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