Back to Basics

Now that the Learning Leopard Library has had a total “facelift”, it’s time for the students and I to learn to use it all over again! This week, our big theme has been getting Back to Basics – basics of how the library works, how we can best work together, and how to get the most out of our library time.

Students in second, third, and fourth grade are working on learning new library procedures, from the new arrangement of the shelves to the touch screen computer system now used during checkout. Students are learning to locate their favorite books and topics on the shelves, to step on the red X’s on the floor when they stand in line, and how to help their classmates to find their names and scan their books. This independent check-out system is a new and exciting change to the circulation desk! It helps students to become more confident and independent in their library skills, and allows me to get out from behind the circulation desk and help with book recommendations and suggestions in the stacks.

Meanwhile, students in pre-school, kindergarten, and first grade are all celebrating the beginning of Library Card Sign-Up Month. Together we are learning about library cards through stories, songs, and discussions, and we’re even making pretend Johnson Elementary Library cards ourselves! I hope that our time spent talking about library cards will inspire students and families to visit the wonderful Jefferson Madison Regional Library and register for their own library card. To find out more about Library Card Sign-Up Month, including a list of 60 Ways to Use Your Library Card, click here. To learn more about the Jefferson Madison Regional Library and which branch is closest to you, visit the JMRL website here.

Younger students are also getting used to a new check-out system, where they are independently choosing their own books from a selection of age-appropriate titles. While choosing their book, students are challenged to “beat the clock” via a timer on the library iPad, and every single class has impressed me so far! Our wonderful teachers and instructional assistants are helping these younger students to learn the touch screen check-out system, and it’s amazing how fast the little guys are learning. Some of our first graders have even helped out second and third grade students during morning open check-out time!

I have been amazed with the number of students that come to visit me every day to get new books to read. I learn something new from students everyday, as I often challenge them to tell me one fact about their book when they return it in the morning. This morning I learned that the Komodo Dragon is the world’s largest lizard! Who knew?!

Johnson students are such excellent and enthusiastic readers, it is a pleasure to help them explore new topics and titles. Keep up the great work, everyone!

Miss Messham

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