Student Book Review: Elisabeth’s Review of Ruby Holler, by Sharon Creech

Ruby Holler

by Sharon Creech

I would definitely recommend a book I read called Ruby Holler. It is about a pair of twins who live in a horrible orphanage run by two horrible people named Mr. and Mrs. Trepid. They have been fostered many times but all of them were horrible. One day they get sent to Tiller and Sairy’s house. They wanted to foster them and take them on two trips they were going on. Sairy and Dalles were going to Kangadoon to search for a red tailed bird. Tiller and Florida were going to sail the Rutabago River. Mr. Treped finds out they have understone funds while they are away. He has this guy named Z make a map of all the interesting stone piles. Sairy and Dalles get tricked into leaving their stuff with random people, and Tiller and Florida are floating in the stream. Z realizes he has been bad. Dalles has a feeling Florida is in trouble. They finally find Tiller and Florida, and tiller has just had a heart-attack. Z figures out he might be their dad. But they end up living at Tiller and Sairy’s house.

This book review was written by a Johnson Elementary School student named Elisabeth. Elisabeth is in the 4th grade.

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