Friday Photo: Wanted!


Our Friday Photo this week is right on topic with our second, third, and fourth grade students. These WANTED posters can be found all around the library, and they remind the students of something important – that I need their help! Although I do my best to keep the shelves neat and clean, we all need to do our part to make sure that our books are placed in the shelves correctly; spines out, facing up-to-down, and in the right order. In our crowded fiction section, this can be tough, but I have seen some amazing Learning Leopard Library Leaders turning books around, reminding others to put them back with their spines facing out, and even soothing wrinkled pages from “shelving accidents”. Keep an eye out for these WANTED posters the next time you visit the Johnson Elementary School Learning Leopard Library, and maybe even straighten a shelf or two!

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