Friday photo: What’s Inside My Computer?


This week, the Johnson Elementary School Library unveiled a new interactive display called Tech Talk. Tech Talk is a display focused on technology, and is designed to give students interactive opportunities to explore some of their favorite and most commonly used technological devices.

The first Tech Talk display is called What’s Inside My Computer? This display has two parts. The first, on the left hand side of the collage, is a bulletin board featuring hardware commonly found inside of desktop computers. This list of hardware includes pieces like the motherboard, case fan, microprocessor, and optical drive. Each vocabulary word is paired with a simple definition.

The right side of the collage shows the hands-on portion of November’s Tech Talk display. An old computer was donated to the Johnson Library, and here we see the inner workings of the PC tower. Each of the peices of hardware featured on the bulletin board is labeled inside of the computer.

This display is designed to change mid-month! For the first two weeks, students will be able to study, explore, and even gently touch the inside of the computer tower, getting to know the different pieces. For the second half of the month, the display will become a matching game. The labels will be removed from their parts in the computer, and students will be challenged to see if they can assign each tech vocabulary word to its corresponding piece inside of the computer. If students need help, there is a photo answer key at the bottom of the Tech Talk bulletin board.

This is hopefully the first of many Tech Talk displays in the Johnson Elementary School Library. Stop by and find out…What’s Inside My Computer?

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