Friday Photo: Rock Your Checkout Checklist


The Learning Leopard Library is a bustling and busy place. Using time wisely and following library rules when the room is full of excited friends is not always the easiest job in the world. In order to help our students to remember their rules and be successful library users, I created a checklist with everything they need to know in order to ROCK their checkout time. That means coming in and quickly finding their books, standing quietly in the checkout line, helping friends with the checkout computer, and then heading back to class.  I created five simple guidelines to help students make the most of their checkout time:

1. Follow library rules – ROAR! This is the easiest guideline to follow. This guideline reminds us not to run, to bully or hurt others, or to use outdoor voices inside. As long as students know their library and school rules, this should be a breeze.

2. Know your Books – This reminds students that not only should they do their best to choose books that are on their level, but also that once a book is checked out in their name, it’s their responsibility! Part of being a Learning Leopard Library patron is knowing which books they have checked out, where they are, and when they’re due.

3. Watch the Timer – The library iPad displays a visual timer during student checkout. This timer helps students to plan their time correctly. The checkout line can sometimes get long, so students use the timer to gauge how much time they have left and when they need to get in line in order to be finished by the end of class. This timer is one of the most popular – and effective! – tools in the library!

4. Find your Seat – I have a deal with my students. If they work hard during the lesson portion of their library class, then they earn some relaxation time during their checkout. Once they have checked out their books, this guideline reminds students to head back to their seats and use their remaining time to relax and enjoy the books they’ve just chosen.

5. Take Pride in your Library – The Johnson Library is all about the students. It’s updated and maintained for students, and often by students! In the Johnson community, our staff and students are proud of our Learning Leopard Library. This guideline reminds students that in order to have a library that they can be proud of, they need to take an active role in taking care of it. Taking pride in your library means putting your books back where they belong, and taking care of all of our resources. It means keeping our shelves neat and in order, and leaving the library even cleaner than you found it. And it means recognizing the Learning Leopard Library for what it is – a unique and very valuable resource that we are so lucky to have!

This poster, which hangs from the ceiling between the classroom portion of the library and the stacks, is an excellent reminder for students on what is expected of them during their library time. Students now know that they can “look up for a reminder on how to be awesome”, as many of them put it. Stop by the library any time to check out our brand new Rock your Checkout Checklist, and say hello!

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