Friday Photo: All About iPods

Friday Photo: All About iPods

It’s that time again… a new Tech Talk is up and ready for action in the Learning Leopard Library. This time around, our Tech Talk features one of the electronic devices that our students can’t seem to get enough of…iPods!

Have you ever wondered when the iPod was invented? Who makes iPods? How many different kinds of iPods there are? Or how many iPods have been been sold? If so, this is the display for you. An iPod timeline gives a visual history of the evolution of the iPod, from the first generation device in 2001 to the iPod touch, which was originally released in 2007. Using the photos provided by, students can follow the incredible progression that Apple has made in iPod hardware over the years.

Underneath the timeline, students can find an iPod F.A.Q., which features some of the iPod questions that I am asked on a daily basis. Have any other iPod questions? Come to visit me at the circulation desk and we’ll find the answer together!

If you’re more of a hands-on learner, then the interactive piece of this Tech Talk is sure to capture your attention. To the left of the informational display, three iPods have been set-up in durable, safe mounts so that students can play and explore. The iPods are loaded with all kinds of educational apps, games, and puzzles, as well as videos and songs. Students are welcome to jump in hands first and explore all of the fun!

Feel free to drop by the Johnson Library at any time to check out our newest Tech Talk, All About iPods. Learn some facts, ask some questions, and get ready to do some hands-on exploring!

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