Snowy Week

It looks like our snowy thoughts from a few weeks ago finally took effect – what a cold and wintery week it has been. Maybe next week, we’ll read a spring story and start thinking sunny thoughts, just for good measure!

With the holiday, snow cancellations, and two-hour delays this week, there’s not much to report in the Johnson Elementary School library. Many students have been in and out trading in books that they finished over their extra-long weekend. If your student hasn’t checked out a new book yet this week, send them in – what better way to spend a frigid afternoon than curled up under a blanket with a great book?

You may have noticed some silence from our student-driven blog posts recently. With the holidays and snow days all mixed in, there has been no time for Everybody Is Talking About… interviews, but hopefully this segment will be up and running again next week. Our Student Book Review section has also been quiet – because I’m running out of book reviews! Teachers and parents, please motivate and help your 3rd and 4th grade students to review the books that they read. Did they like them? Would they suggest them to friends or family members? What was the best part about the story? Student reviews can be based on any book in the Johnson¬† Elementary School Library and can take any creative form. We welcome any and all entries!

The Learning Leopard Library is setting up for a big event that we will be hosting next week. I can’t give away the surprise, but I will give you a hint with this infographic provided by School Library Journal.

Image provided by

Tune in next week to find out more about this exciting and exclusive Learning Leopard Library event!

– Miss Messham

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