Friday Photo: Birthday Book Club

Friday Photo: Birthday Book Club

The Learning Leopard Library Birthday Book Club is officially open! Birthday Book Club is a unique way for students to celebrate their special day while supporting the Johnson Elementary School Library. This week, flyers were sent home with all of the details. Looking to find out more? Check out the Birthday Book Club guidelines, posted on the Birthday  Book Club blog page:

Looking for a special and exciting way to celebrate your child’s birthday? Join the Birthday Book Club! Give them a special present that they’ll never forget, and support the Johnson Elementary School Library at the same time.

Joining the Birthday Book Club is easy! Birthday Book Club forms will be sent home with students, and extra copies will be available in the Johnson Elementary School Library. Simply send your form back with a donation of $10-15 to the library (cash or check made out to Johnson Elementary is fine). The month of their birthday, students will be invited to the library to choose their special Birthday Book Club book. For summer birthdays, students are invited to choose a book the month of their half birthday. The chosen Birthday Book still belongs to the library and must be returned, but their special Birthday Book Club sticker, displaying their name and the year, stays in the book permanently. A picture of the student holding their book will hang on display in the school for the month, and each student will receive a Birthday Book Club certificate.

Your child’s birthday book will become a permanent part of the Johnson Elementary School library collection, delighting and entertaining students for years to come. Each student who opens the book will see that it was donated in honor of your student’s birthday. Now that is a gift that keeps on giving!

So go ahead, joint the club! Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate your child’s birthday while supporting the Johnson Elementary School Library! Birthday Books are a treat that will benefit Johnson students for years to come – and be a gift that your child will never forget.

If your student’s birthday has already occurred this school year, they are still welcome to choose a book labeled with the 2013-2014 school year. Students with summer birthdays will be invited to choose during the month of their half birthday. Extra Birthday Book Club flyers are available at any time in the library.

As of today, our very first Birthday Book Club member has his picture on the brand new Birthday Book Club bulletin board featured in the library. His book is being used as an example for the next week – it’s so neat, I want to share it with everyone! – but before long, he will be the first student to take it home and show it off. Many other students have returned their birthday book forms with library donations, and I am so excited to have students begin choosing their Birthday  Books.

If you have any questions about the Birthday Book Club, feel free to contact me via email at I am so excited to see students choose their favorite books – and to make the excitement of their birthday a permanent part of the Johnson Elementary School library!

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