Friday Photo: Students WOW Visiting Author with a Garden Tour

Friday Photo: Students WOW Visiting Author with a Garden Tour

Last week’s Friday photo is a little bit late thanks to the Virginia Festival of the Book, which kept this librarian very busy Friday and over the weekend. Sorry for the tardy post – enjoy!

This week’s Friday Photo is very special because it showcases not only one of our fantastic visiting authors, but also two student leaders representing Johnson in such a wonderful way. On Friday morning, author Alison Formento talked to our kindergarten, first, and second grade students about her nature themed books. She talked about the bees featured in These Bees Count and the sea creatures that inspired These Seas Count, all the while showing her great love for nature. After her presentation concluded, second grade students Dayhana and Sahana took Ms. Formento out for a tour of Johnson’s City Schoolyard Gardens (the vegetable boxes at the top of the hill, outside the library, and a peek at the larger garden with the outdoor classroom by the gym). Ms. Formento was so impressed with the passion that these two girls showed for the City Schoolyard Garden project, with their plant and garden knowledge, and with their confidence around dirt and garden tools! Dayhana and Sahana showed off the second grade vegetable beds and talked radishes to Ms. Formento, who was so excited. They explained the things that they have done with their garden so far this year, and also give a preview of upcoming garden projects and events.

I was so proud of these two students for volunteering to lead Ms. Formento through the gardens that our students have worked so hard to cultivate together. It was wonderful to see the pride that our students have in their garden, and I wish that everyone could have seen the giant grin on Ms. Formento’s face! In our photo, Dayhana and Sahana pose with Alison Formento during a student-lead tour of Johnson’s vegetable garden. Ms. Formento is holding Our Gardens Count!, a book of nature and garden-themed illustrations made especially for her by Johnson’s kindergarten and first grade students.

If you are interested in learning more about the colorful, educational, and absolutely invaluable City Schoolyard Garden project, visit their Facebook page to learn more.

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