Student Book Review: Vivien’s review of Encyclopedia Brown, by Donald J. Sobol

Encyclopedia Brown

by Donald J. Sobol

I think you should read Encyclopedia Brown by Donald J. Sobol if you like mysteries. You should read it because it gives you a chance to think about the mystery and try to solve it by yourself before you look at the answer.

The book is about this boy named Leroy Brown. But he’s called Leroy only by his parents, Chief and Mrs. Brown, and his teachers. Everyone else calls him by his nickname: Encyclopedia Brown. By all appearances, Encyclopedia is a normal kid living in, by all appearances, a normal city, Idaville. But, wonder how Encyclopedia and Idaville are different from normal, and why Leroy is called Encyclopedia? Read the book to find out!

Filled with lots of stumping mysteries, Encyclopedia Brown is a great book!

This Student Book Review was written by Vivien, a Johnson Elementary School student. Vivien is in the fourth grade.

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