Friday Photo: Cyber Safety Hall

Friday Photo: Cyber Safety Hall

After weeks of work, the Learning Leopard Library Cyber Safety Hall exhibition is finally up! Fourth graders worked for two weeks on creating posters to teach Johnson’s younger students about cyber safety. When discussing cyber safety, we used the widely supported SMART acronym, which outlines five different cyber safety ideas: safe, meet, accepting, reliable, and tell. Each letter of the acronym has a piece of valuable advice for technology users, young and old. Please follow this link to learn more about SMART, which was created by

Fourth graders wanted to communicate the valuable cyber safety lessons that they had learned, so each class created a poster to describe a letter of the SMART acronym. SMART stands for Safe, Meeting, Accepting, Reliable, and Tell – and each letter has a valuable guideline for students to learn about being safe online. We lined the halls with these posters so that when Johnson students walk by, they are surrounded by student-created tips and tricks for being safe and responsible when using the computer. To keep things interesting, I added a few streamers and some excitement with posters hanging from the ceiling. In Cyber Safety Hall, the students are surrounded by SMART ideas and guidelines for online safety!

Please stop by the hallway outside of the library to visit our Cyber Safety hallway in person. Take a look at the wonderful student work and learn a thing or two about how to stay SMART online!

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