Friday Photo: Teacher Appreciation Week

Friday Photo: Teacher Appreciation Week

All week long, we’ve been celebrating Teacher Appreciation week at Johnson Elementary School. It has been a fun filled week of door decorating, flower picking, and other little surprises. The Charlottesville community shows support for their teachers every day of the year, but all of the extra love this week was very welcome!

As part of teacher appreciation week in the library, I allowed students to get into the action and take a turn being the teacher. In today’s photo, fourth grader quizzes his classmates about the steps of the Super 3 research process. “First you have to plan, because without a plan, you won’t even know where to start,” he explained. His classmates listened intently and then asked some great questions about the research process. Using a prepared SMART Board presentation, Richard answered every question with ease – even mine! – and lead a fabulous discussion on research and the importance of following the three steps (Plan, Do, and Review).

It was nice to sit and be a student for a few minutes, but it was even nicer to see Richard putting his knowledge of the Super Three to the test by teaching it to his classmates. I was so proud to see him patiently helping his classmates, and proud of his students for being so respectful and doing such a great job! Maybe someday, Richard will be celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week himself.

Thank you to all of the parents and community members that made this Teacher Appreciation Week so special!

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