Friday Photo: Fiesta Raffle

Friday Photo: Fiesta Raffle

Book Fair can be a stressful time for students. While some students bring money from home or bring birthday or allowance money with them to shop, many of Johnson’s bright little readers don’t have money to spare for books to read over the summer. Often, these are the same students that struggle to get to the public library for books over the summer. With the school library closed, it can be difficult for these students to get books for summer reading. With this in mind, I created the Johnson Book Fair Scholarship fund this year.

At our winter book fair, our Book Fair Scholarship Fund was large enough to buy a book for each of Johnson’s hard working and deserving students. Read all about the emotional and joyful event of watching these students receive and shop with their scholarships here.

For our Spring Book Fair Fiesta, we are funding our Book Fair Scholarships in a different way. This time, your donation to our Book Fair Scholarship fund gives you something in return – a chance to win the Ultimate Summer Reading Kit! Pictured above is our Ultimate Summer Reading Kit, provided by Scholastic and by Johnson Library Donors. Inside, you’ll find more than 20 books, toys, and games to keep your little reader happy all summer long. The Ultimate Summer Reading Kit will be raffled off on Wednesday evening at the Spring Picnic, and the lucky winner will have a lot of exciting titles to take home! If you can’t attend the Spring Picnic on Wednesday, there’s no need to worry – the winner will also be contacted by phone, and announced Thursday morning on the school-wide morning announcements.

Tickets cost $5.00 each, and you can score a deal by purchasing two tickets for $8.00. Your ticket not only buys you a chance at winning the Ultimate Summer Reading kit; 100% of the proceeds from the raffle go directly into the Johnson Book Fair Scholarship fund. Help some of Johnson’s promising and hard-working students to develop and practice their reading skills over the summer by sending them home with an engaging, exciting book from our Book Fair Fiesta!

If you are interested in making a donation to the Johnson Book Fair Fund outside of purchasing raffle tickets, please contact me at It is thanks to many generous donors that our library fundraisers and scholarships have been such a success this year. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity!

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