Friday Photo: New and Improved

Here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: a glimpse of our new and improved library space! Returning Johnson students and families will notice the new classroom area, larger storytime area, and more open floorplan thanks to a lot of removed and relocated furniture. Those of you new to the library might not see any of these things, but I hope that you do see an open, welcoming space where students are free to exercise their bodies and their brains in a safe and fun way!

With the removal of the storytime steps, we created a space specifically designed for the needs of older students. With easy access to the SMART Board, lots of outlets for laptops, room to move and breathe, and ample space for growing bodies (and growing confidence!), this classroom area is a great fit for older students’ lessons in information literacy and digital citizenship. In front of the classroom area, you will find a larger storytime carpet, which will provide our younger students with more space to sit comfortably during literacy lessons. This big carpet will also allow us to take brain breaks, shake our sillies out, and share our library songs without having to leave our seats. Not to mention students won’t be squished as they try to enjoy their library time! A big thank you to the Dent family, who donated this beautiful and comfortable carpet to our library. It will see a LOT of love!

Next to the storytime carpet, you’ll see a new Think Spot or Take a Break space. Providing our students with a larger and more carefully created Take a Break space means that this area is much more than a time out spot – it is now an area designed for reflection, communication, and personal growth. Students have the opportunity to better understand their emotions by reading provided texts, to calm down by shaking up a calm jar, or just to take a moment to sit by themselves and cool down on the Think Spot carpet. This area isn’t a punishment, but rather an opportunity for students to learn from their choices and get back on track.  I’ll be introducing this spot slowly throughout the first few months of school.

Peeking into the stacks towards the back of the room, you might not be able to see the big changes made to the organization of our library collection. Check back later to learn more about our books, where they’ve moved, and why!

I know that it looks great in the pictures, but really – you should see it in person! Stop by before or after school to get a tour of our new and improved space!

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