This Week in Photos: September 22-26

Previously known as Friday Photo, this blog feature gives you a peek into the world of the Johnson Elementary School Library’s lessons and activities. Read the description below each photo or group of photos to learn more.




First grade students use nature collected from the Johnson playground and City Schoolyard Garden to create artwork after reading Lois Elhert’s classic fall story, Leaf Man.


Miss Whitten shares library book Pete the Cat: The Wheels on the Bus with her class in the Johnson lobby. The class was waiting for their bus to pick them up for a field trip to Carter Mountain. I could hear the singing all the way from the library!





Three year old pre-school students search for treasures in a Nature Scavenger Hunt around the Johnson grounds. Groups were asked to find all sorts of objects, including leaves, rocks, sticks, and flowers. Once they were warmed up, hunters searched for shapes, colors, and other descriptive words they’ve practiced in class. For example, teams searched for smooth and rough items, items shaped like triangles, squares, and circles, and colorful items that were red, yellow, and green.



Third grade students have the opportunity to cash their great behavior in for teaching time! Here, a student earned the title of Library Assistant thanks to her hard work in the classroom. Ms. E. helped Miss Becky’s pre-school class to complete their nature scavenger hunt in the cool early morning sun. Check out those great big smiles – she’s a natural!


A second grade student proudly adds his spot, earned in library class, to the Johnson Learning Leopard. When students are SPOTTED being great, they can write their name on the spot and add it to the leopard. Each month, spotted students earn rewards and are entered in a raffle for a grand prize!


A third grade student proudly shares his library book with some friends in his class. What’s so special about this library book? This student donated it to be a part of the collection! The book, titled Meet the Marvel Superheroes, is sure to be an instant student favorite.  How kind and generous is that?!


Third grade students wait in line for their turn at the touch-screen checkout computer. Check out those feet – perfect form!


This fourth grade safety patrol member takes her job very seriously: here she is, showing a third grade student where to find his favorite graphic novels. She also helps to run the touch-screen checkout computer, shelves books as they’re returned, and even gives book talks! Way to go!

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