Student Book Review: Lowell’s review of The Big Wave, by Pearl S. Buck

The Big Wave

by Pearl S. Buck

The Big Wave is written by Pearl S. Buck. It’s about these boys named Kino and Jiya. The boy Kino loves the sea until a huge waves crashes on the village and its villages killing almost everyone who didn’t flee. Kino’s family survives but Jiya’s doesn’t. When Jiya’s see his family washed away he mentally breaks down.

Kino’s father said we must let him be til he has life again. Then an old man come and offers Jiya a nice rich home, rich clothes, a good school, and everything he wanted. Jiya is told he can decide. Kino’s father sent him with him to try and make him stay. Jiya refused the offer.

He grew up to a grown man. When people start to come back to the beach he decides he wants to too. One day after Jiya has a bout he said I want to marry your little sister. Later Jiya married Kino’s little sister.

This Student Book Review was written by Lowell, a Johnson Elementary School student. Lowell is in the fourth grade.

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