Fairy Tale Facebook

This week, second graders took a creative look at biography, picture books, fractured fairy tales, and internet safety. After watching a classical version of the Three Little Pigs and discussing what a biography for the Big Bad Wolf would look like, we read Jon Scieska’s fractured version of the story, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs.

This comparison started a great conversation about fractured fairy tales, which lead us to our main question: is the Big Bad Wolf really a bad guy, or a misunderstood good guy? To answer, I invited each student to write a modern biography about the Fairy Tale character using one of the world’s most popular ways to tell life stories: Facebook.

This lesson also provided us with an opportunity to talk about internet safety and online bullying. I was impressed with the mature thoughts and debates that the students shared!

Many classes are still working on their Facebook pages, but here is a small sample of the creative, hilarious student work that I’ve seen!

Scan10002 Scan10004 Scan10003

Scan10006 Scan10005

Visit the Johnson Library to see more Facebook profiles on display in December.

Great work, second graders!

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