This Week in Photos: 1/26-1/30







Fourth grade continued their quest with the Super 3 team this week, and this time I took a lesson from our awesome fourth grade team and used one of their favorite methods in the classroom – Must Do, Can Do. There is a list of activities on the board that the students MUST do before they can leave, and a list of activities that they CAN do when they are finished. This allows each student to work on the assignments in the order they choose at their own pace, which works so well for our responsible, independent fourth graders!




Third graders continued working with the almanac this week, starting out an Almanac Scavenger hunt so challenging, it will take two weeks to finish! Classes have to use the table of contents, index, and all of their sharpest reference skills to find the answers to these carefully crafted questions. With prizes like VIP Seating and a trip to the All Star Jar hanging in the balance, the competition is ON!


DSC01552 DSC01553  DSC01548

DSC01549 DSC01555

Students spend time searching for books, reading independently, and filling out new I-Pick slips during their checkout time. I-Pick, an awesome idea introduced by our third grade team and Miss FitzGerald, helps students to think through their reading choices carefully before checking out. I-Pick helps them consider Purpose (why do I want to read this book?), Interest (am I interested in the topic?) Comprehension (do I understand what the words are saying?), and Knowledge (do I know most of the words?). I love watching this system in action because it helps each student to find their perfect book – one that will challenge them, interest them, and make them come back for more!


I am the proud owner of a brand new Roar Checkpoint, right outside of the library door! I don’t mean to sound biased, but I think it’s the best Roar Checkpoint in the school 🙂 This checkpoint provides the perfect break for students to check if they are on track, facing forward, and walking quietly with their hands by their sides. The next time you’re in the building, take a peek down the library hallway to see how many students YOU can spot ROARing near this new checkpoint!





This week I was invited to help out with a brand new program at Johnson that sends healthy, quality food home with students each week. This AMAZING program, donated entirely by Whole Foods and organized by Portico Church, gives so much to families that need some extra help over the weekend. Here is Ms. Croce, third grade teacher and head of the program at Johnson, to tell you more:

All food is donated from Whole Foods (which is amazing!), and Portico Church is the brains behind the operation 🙂  They contacted Johnson wanting to help Johnson families who may need a little extra food over the weekends.  Portico really wants to build a relationship with Johnson and get involved in other ways, too!  I’m the Portico Lead for this project, so if anyone wants to volunteer to pack food on a Thursday, they can email me! (Packing times will vary, so they do want to touch base with me before coming).  Whole Foods has committed to providing 122 meals for Johnson every week through the end of the school year!!!

Thursday afternoon, I worked with a group of dedicated Johnson teachers to unpack, sort, and deliver 122 bags full of Whole Foods items to each Johnson classroom. There is no greater joy than watching students carry these bags to the buses on Friday afternoons, knowing that they will have full, happy bellies over the weekend! Thank you so much to Whole Foods, Portico Church, and Ms. Croce for bringing this wonderful gift to Johnson families.

This incredible program needs volunteers! We can’t continue to give the gift of hearty, nutritious meals without help from the Johnson community. If you would be willing to spend a few minutes per week sorting, packing, and delivering bags to help feed deserving Johnson families, please contact Maelys Croce via email at, or by phone at 434-245-2417.

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