Miss Messham featured on Charlottesville Tomorrow’s Meet Your Educator

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Head on over to Charlottesville Tomorrow to see my recent interview for their Meet Your Educator feature! Here’s a sneak preview of one of the questions:

What is the most common misconception about your job?
If you are expecting the stereotypical librarian to greet you at the door, then the modern school library has some news for you: the hair bun is gone, I am not grumpy, there is little-to-no shushing, and my library is anything but quiet. My school library is a living, breathing program that serves as the heart of its school. It exists in a constantly changing space that extends from the bookshelves and story time carpet into the digital education realm and beyond. From e-books and iPods to computer coding and blog editing, my students are working towards becoming digitally literate 21st century learners every time they set foot through the door. The field of library science has changed so much that there isn’t much about the public’s opinion on libraries that isn’t a misconception anymore. It’s up to me to show the students, the faculty and staff, and the entire community what it means to learn in a school library in 2015.

Read more – including the part of my job that I find to be the most challenging, where I see the field of education heading in 5 years, and an outside experience that has helped to make me a better educator – over at Charlottesville Tomorrow’s website.

Thank you to Charlottesville Tomorrow for reaching out to me and giving me a new platform to talk about the things I love most – libraries and literacy!

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