This Week in Photos – 4/20-4/24





Pre-school took the party outside this week for another sensory storytime. Sensory storytime is a fun journey for both the storyteller and the listener. Created specifically for non-traditional audiences and children that struggle with regular storytime, sensory storytime invites students to participate in the story. They may use their senses to move, touch, renact or create what they see in the story. This week, we shared Little Quack’s Hide and Seek written by Lauren Thompson and illustrated by Derek Anderson. First we counted and quacked along with the five ducklings in the book. Once we had finished the story, we played our own game of hide and seek on the playground, just like the ducklings (complete with quacking!).


If you notice some sleek new technology in the library, make sure to stop and give it a try! We have received six new Chromebase computers to replace our search stations, circulation computers, and teacher access stations. These new machines are lightening fast and perfectly fit the needs of the Johnson community. Teachers and students have nothing but great things to say about all of the awesome things these computers can do. Thank you to the Charlottesville City Schools Tech team for providing such wonderful tools to help us learn!


Third graders work on a Choose Your Own Adventure study guide. Cutting, taping, glueing, circling, note taking, chart creating… we like to use ALL of the parts of our brains!


Fourth graders continue their hard work on their Famous American graphic novels, a project that we’ve been working on for six weeks. Come and see the results of all of their incredible work at the Famous American Living Museum this Tuesday, April 28, from 8:30 – 10:00 AM! Find out more here.


Ms. Cummings’ Quest classes got a special visit from 5th grader Carter today, who gave them a glimpse into the glamorous world of computer programming and coding. Carter talked to us about the kind of projects he gets to work on (like 3D printing robots!), his favorite parts of computer programming (creating new stuff and experimenting), and what it feels like to fail (not great – but he always picks up and keeps going). In the photo above, Carter uses computer coding to create a mutant bunny with an ostrich head! Thank you for sharing your awesome talents with us, Carter!

DSC02092DSC02096DSC02103DSC02111There’s a new librarian in town, and her name is Miss Meredith. Who is this bite-sized bibliognost and why is she teaching my classes?? Find out more next week on the blog!

Have a wonderful weekend in the sunshine. If you read anything great, don’t forget to come in and tell me all about it!

– Miss Messham

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