Student Spotlight: Grasen and Vivien, Library Safety Patrol

DSC02241Welcome to a new series for the Learning Leopard Library blog – Student Spotlight. Check out Student Spotlight posts to learn more about some of the students that make the Johnson Elementary School Library so awesome!

Today we will spotlight Grasen and Vivien, two fourth grade students that volunteer in the library every morning. In the photo above, they’re standing with a book display that they created to help younger students discover Newbery Medal winning books. I sat down with Vivien and Grasen this morning to find out how these two upbeat, smiling volunteers REALLY feel about having to work in the library every morning. (Spoiler alert: They’re big fans.)

How long have you been helping in the library?
G: How many months has it been?
V: Since the beginning of the year, I guess. Since safety patrol started in September.

What are your hours?
G: Every morning except for Thursdays.
V: From when we get to school til 8:10.
G: Or maybe just a smidge after that, ifsomebody leaves late.
V: It’s not my fault we’re late!
G: Who’s the one hiding in the shelves, hmmm?

Tell our readers what you do in the library every morning.
G: Shelve books and find books for students that need help.
V: And we basically just help in the library. Do all the stuff that is needed. We’ve started setting up displays!
G: With award winning books.

Why do you  make the displays?
V: Because it’s fun!
G:  And a lot of little kids get to see books they normally wouldn’t get to see.

Do you like sharing your favorite books?
G & V: Yeah!

Why do you like being in the library?
V: Because it’s fun!
G: I agree.

What is your favorite part of working in the library?
G: Everything!
V: Yeah, I agree.

What if you had to pick just one favorite thing?
G: Working with Miss Messham.
V: I don’t know…that’s hard. Just being in the library?

What is the hardest part of working in the library?
G: Learning the Dewey Decimal System!
V: Yeah, shelving all of the books gets overwhelming.
G: Especially for the non-ficiton. Sometimes you find nonfiction books in the everybody books section and you’re like… where are you?! Why aren’t you in the nonfiction section?

What do you want to be when you grow up?
V: I have no idea!
G: Good question.
V: Everybody was asking me at the famous American wax museum if I wanted to a designer, but I don’t know!

No ideas??
G: I’m really good at doing my nails, so, I could be a nail art designer.
V: Maybe I’d want to be a doctor like my  mom? I’ll just wait until I grow up, I guess.

Would you ever consider being a librarian?
G: Yes!
V: Yes!
V: Because I like working in the library. I like working with kids.
G: I like working with kids.
V & G: JINX!

Since you know the library from a special perspective, do you want to share any library secrets?
G: Sometimes you let the fourth graders, since they’re responsible, take home paperback copies.
V: I can’t think of any secrets!
G: And I definitely know where your secret Lego men live.

Anything else you want to add?
V: Well, I’m glad we get to do it for the whole year, not just for a month, like other safety patrol people.
G: Sometimes the library has new books! And then you hide them sometimes. The first person to find it gets it.
V: I have a secret! Miss Messham’s office is messy.

I didn’t give them any help with these, I swear. They are just naturally that eloquent and hilarious.

Thank you to Vivien and Grasen not only for answering questions with me this morning, but for all of your hard work all year. This library couldn’t run morning checkout without you! I like you guys so much, I’ll even forgive that you told everyone that my office is messy.

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