Visiting Author: Priya Mahadevan

This afternoon, local author Priya Mahadevan brought the exotic and colorful world of India into the Learning Leopard Library! Mrs. Mahadevan’s new book, Princesses Only Wear Putta Puttas, tells the tale of Fey Fey (based on a real Johnson first grade student!), who visits India and loves the colorful clothes she gets to wear to her cousin’s wedding. When she comes back to the United States, she’s not ready to put her beloved “putta puttas” (her words for the traditional long skirt and blouse) to rest. It’s fall and Virginia is getting chilly, but Fey Fey wants nothing to do with a coat – because princesses only wear putta puttas!

Priya with her beautiful family. Shreya, inspiration for the character Fey Fey, is in the front.
Priya with her beautiful family. Shreya, inspiration for the character Fey Fey, is in the front.

Mrs. Mahadevan shared her story with kindergarten and first grade classes this afternoon, and her multimedia presentation transported students into the busy streets of India, experiencing the culture and excitement firsthand. Students were delighted to learn exciting new Indian words, see photos of beautiful Indian jewelry and clothing, and experience other aspects of Indian culture through the story’s engaging writing.


You can learn more about Princesses Only Wear Putta Puttas or donate to the book’s Kickstarter page here. When you visit her page, pay close attention to some of the little faces in the video – can you recognize any other Johnson students who don’t want to wear coats over their putta puttas?

A huge thank you to Priya Mahadevan for generously donating your time and your wonderful story to the Johnson library this afternoon! We loved having you and can’t wait to have Princesses Only Wear Putta Puttas in our library collection.

Learn more about Priya Mahadevan’s story, Princesses Only Wear Putta Puttas, on her Kickstarter page. Or follow this link to find out more about one of Priya’s other passions, her delicious food!

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