Coming Soon: 2015 Book Awards

There’s no denying it – the fourth graders pretty much run this school. They’re the biggest, the loudest, and in this library, they’re the trend setters. I’m lucky enough to have some HUGE readers in this year’s fourth grade class, and they act as both role models and mentors for other Johnson students that are looking for something great to read (last week you met Vivien and Grasen, two fourth grade mentors that were highlighted in my Student Spotlight feature). So when I was looking for an awards committee to choose the best books of the 2014-2015 school year, the fourth grade class was a natural choice.

Between now and the end of the year, Johnson fourth graders will be nominating, reviewing, and voting on their favorite books in seven different categories. Students have the chance to nominate books they have read this year to win an award for:

– Best Comedy

– Best Drama

– Best Biography

– Best Picture Book

– Best New Book

– Best Book of the Year

– Worst Book of the Year

(Alright, alright… that last category was a student request. I couldn’t say no! That one has some kindness guidelines. It also has some hilarious nominations so far!)

Students follow a template for nomination essays, but add all of the details and flavor themselves. Since they have worked so hard on their writing this year, I knew they wouldn’t mind if I required at least three full sentences on why they wanted to nominate their book. The students are thrilled to be able to choose their winners, and love getting to do the work independently on their Chromebooks. They are so excited about this project, I had to drag them off of their laptops at the end of class this week. They’ve chosen their favorites, shared their documents with me via Google Docs, and bam – the race for Best Book of 2015 is ON!

Our competition is just heating up, but check out some of the front runners below, copied directly from students’ Google Docs:

My name is Griffin and I think loot should win for the Drama award because It is a suspenseful book and I loved it. They steal jewels,and someone dies in it.I think it is amazing and great.

My name is Vivien and I want to nominate the book ‘The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle’ for the Drama Award. I think it deserves this award because every chapter leaves you wondering what will happen next. I was so into the book that I actually had several dreams about ‘The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle.’ It’s full of surprises on every page!

I want to nominate the book Warriors for the Best Book of the Year Award. I think it deserves this title because It is full of adventure. I think most of the characters are well developed and earned their trust in the clan. I love all of the big events that happen and how they handle it. I felt so bad for Lilypaw and Seedpaw in Bramblestar’s Storm! I think these books definitely deserve this award and I love them!

I want to nominate the book The Miraculous Adventure of Edward Tulane for the best Drama Award. I think it deserves this award because it is so sad and suspenseful. I feel so bad for Edward because he is so worn out and he has gone through so many bad things. He also gets passed on to so many families. I almost cried while reading this book.

My name is Lowell and I want to nominate the book Shades of Gray for Best book of the year award I think it deserves this award because it had a heart breaking boy that at first only thinks of himself and of his family’s deaths. He thinks that only kind of Braveness is going to fight and his uncle that he is living with didn’t.  He thinks his uncle a coward but his feelings start to change as with is attitude!

I can’t stand the suspense! Check back in a few weeks to find out our 2015 Book Award Winners!

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