2015 Book Awards Update

Last week I introduced you to Johnson fourth graders’ current passion project, the 2015 Book Awards. Students have the opportunity to nominate books for awards in seven categories, from Best Comedy to Best Biography and everything in between. To make things even more intense, 12,000 library materials are competing for the grand prize – Best Book of the Year.


Fourth graders continued their work on their nominations in Google Drive this week, and the results are nothing short of awesome. Check out some of these new nominations:

My name is Ryan and I want to nominate the book Flora and Ulysses for the Comedy award because Flora often thinks things that are often not able to help you in a real life situation. Ulysses is very funny and is often very, very hungry. I could not stop laughing!

My name is Alden and I want to nominate Warriors for the Book Of The Year. I think it deserves this award because parts of it were funny, dramatic and I love how it starts. I started it in reading groups and was immediately drawn into the book. I have kept on reading them all throughout the year. I just finished reading the second series.

My name is Julius and i wan’t to nominate the book ninjago masters of spinjitzu for the comedy award. I think this book desevers this award because ninjago is a funny and awesome ninja book that a lot of people love and I really love the book. I love it because i like lego and when i starting reading it i got in to it. I got in to it because every body told me to read it and then i did then my mind ixploded and i loved it.

my name is Nikiah and I want to nominate the Book With No Pictures for the best comedy award. I think it deserve this award because it is funny. it made Everybody laugh  in my class even my teacher read it to us. When I checked it out from the liberry I made myself laugh and family members laugh really hard.

My name is Evelyn and I want to nominate the book Warriors for the Best Book of the Year Award. I think it deserves this title because It is full of adventure. I think most of the characters are well developed and earned their trust in the clan. I love all of the big events that happen and how they handle it. I felt so bad for Lilypaw and Seedpaw in Bramblestar’s Storm! I think these books definitely deserve this award and I love them.

My name is Nico and I want to nominate the book The Monster Who Ate My Peas for the Worst Book of the Year Award.  I think it deserves this award because the little boy tells all of his friends to put the vegetables in a hole to make the monster.  One person threw his little brother in the hole, which sounds like something I would do.  

Do you have any guesses for which book will win Best Comedy or Best Drama? Which book will take the grand prize?! We have some front runners so far, but it’s still anybody’s game. You’ll have to wait to find out the results!

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