Student Spotlight: Gloria

This morning live on the Johnson morning announcements, I shared the winner of our Spring Book Fair Raffle. Just in case you forgot about all of the awesome stuff up for grabs, here’s a little reminder:


Tickets were on sale all last week at the Spring Book Fair, and thanks to shoppers like you, raffle ticket sales and donations raised enough money to pay for more than 50 Book Fair Scholarships. And one very special Grand Prize Scholarship, which you can learn about here!

Lots of tickets, lots of prizes, but only one winner. This is normally the part where I try to explain to you how excited our winner was, to share how much prizes like these mean to the students that win. But this year, I’ll let the photos do the talking.




Thank you to Mrs. Rickabaugh for snapping these awesome photos of Gloria’s big moment!

If Gloria’s name sounds familiar, that’s because she’s been featured on the blog before. Gloria has written multiple Student Book Reviews that have made the cut to be published (you can read her most recent one here) and has had many Google drive files shared. You might recognize that smiling face from multiple examples of great behavior in our This Week in Photos posts, or from her sweet dance moves as a part of the Let’s Move club.

“I never thought I would win!”, Gloria said as I dropped the basket off in her classroom. “I never win anything.” When I asked her how she felt about being the big winner, she grinned so hard she could barely speak – but did manage to get out a quiet, “I am so excited.”

Gloria has been a big part of the Learning Leopard Library blog, and is a perfect example of the hard working, kind, and generous students that we have at Johnson. Congratulations, Gloria! (And congratulations to her little brother, Harrison, who I saw celebrating in the hall this morning. He was pretty confident that his big sister was going to share!)


Thanks for all that you do to make Book Fair Scholarships, Raffles, and other fun library activities possible. If you’d like to get involved, contact me via email at!

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