Student Spotlight: Brandon’s Short Story


by Brandon

Tomorrow, Ms. Messham is getting married. She is getting married outside where the ocean is, because there is a nice breeze. When she was dancing, she fell into the cake. Then the cake was wobbling and it fell on her face. Shew as angry because the cake got all over her wedding dress. Then her husband helped her get up. Then she went to the dry cleaners to get her dress washed up. And then she said, “You better have it done in one minute.” And they did it! But when Ms. Messham got back to her wedding, they didn’t have any cake. Then Ms. Messham had to go to her house and fix another wedding cake so that they could have another cake for their wedding. After she made the cake, she came back to the wedding and she was really happy. Finally, she stood up in the sand and got married!

The End.

This short story was written by Brandon, a Johnson Elementary School student, and shared with the library. Brandon drafted and typed the story with guidance. Brandon is in the third grade.

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