Student Book Reivew: Olivia’s review of Warriors, by Erin Hunter



by Erin Hunter

Warriors is a stupendous book filled with excitement, adventure, mystery, and investigation. If you are a person who likes excitement, adventure, mystery, and investigation… then this is the book for you.

It all starts with a kitty pet (house cat) named Rusty. One day Rusty dreams of catching a mouse… but he wakes up to the sound of his owners calling him for breakfast. He simply ignores them and goes to the Garden then he sees a mouse and just when he thinks no one is around… CRASH!!!… a gray cat pounced on him. Rusty is strong enough to through the stranger off of him. Then he hears a yowl… there is silence. Then the stranger talks. “Not bad for a kitty pet.” said the stranger. “Not bad for a whatever you are.” said Rusty. “I’m a warrior by the way.” said the stranger. What is your name said Rusty, “my name is Graypaw, and yours…” said Graypaw “Rusty.” “Nice to meet you Rusty. What clan are you from?” I am a house cat I don’t live in the wild like you do” said Rusty. And for the ending of the book…

This Student Book Review was written by Olivia, a Johnson Elementary School student, and shared with the library. Olivia drafted and typed the book review independently. Olivia is in the third grade.

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