Student Spotlight: Angel’s Short Story

Mrs. Garrison and the Red Sox

by Angel

There once was a Teacher named Mrs Garrison.She loved the Red Sox.She wanted to go to a  Red Sox game but she had to teach.She was sad and her students could see that.Her birthday was coming up and her students wanted to give her a special gift Eveland thought of a party Angel said a Red Sox party with a Red Sox player and Red Sox.That night all the students told their parents about the party.They decided to bake Red Sox cookies,cake,brownies and muffins.The next day all the students made decorations and they made a Red Sox pinata.Makai asked the principal if we could throw Mrs Garrison a party at school he said yes.That afternoon everybody found Red Sox to wear at the party.Sophia looked in her phone book and called the Red Sox coach he agreed to come to the party with all his players even Mrs Garrison’s favorite player David ortiz.At recess all the students told threre ideas about the party Wilson said we could put David ortiz in a Red Sox cake and after we sing happy birthday he can get out of the cake and suprise her every one agreed. All the students came to set up the party monday Mrs Garrison’s birthday was tomorrow.The next day all the students came early.When Mrs Garrison was walking to our classroom Mr Stern called our classroom we turned off the lights David ortiz got in the cake we all hid when Mrs Garrison turned on the lights we all said [SURPRISE] Mrs Garrison smiled and thanked us we ate a lot of sweets then we watched Mrs Garrison open her presents the last thing she opened was David ortiz then there was a knock on the door Brooks opened it and all the Red sox players were there Mr stern took a picture of all of us and that’s the story of Mrs Garrison and the Red Sox. THE END

Ps,Mrs Garrison’s favorite player is David Ortiz

This short story was written by Angel, a Johnson Elementary School student, and shared with the library via Google Docs. Angel drafted and typed the story independently. Angel is in the fourth grade.

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