Pi Beta Phi returns to Johsnon

The Learning Leopard Library been lucky enough to develop a wonderful relationship with Pi Beta Phi, a service sorority with an active chapter at the University of Virginia. Over the past few years we have read together, celebrated Seuss, and received generous donations of books for our students, classrooms, and library.

I’m so happy to be welcoming the ladies of Pi Beta Phi back into the library this year. Johnson’s lucky kindergartners will be the target of the sorority’s CAR program. CAR stands for Champions are Readers, and these dedicated ladies will be giving kindergarten students valuable small group and individual reading time once a week. This afternoon, our first group of UVA students joined us in the library and whisked students off into cozy corners in the sunshine to read. As an added bonus, because they are in the library, students are sharing books that they have chosen on topics that they feel passionate about – and the mix of sharing stories and student interest are sure to be beneficial to our young readers.

I look forward to spending time with Pi Beta Phi each Friday afternoon and watching Johnson’s kindergartners grow to be more confident, passionate readers. Thank you for selecting us for your CAR program, Pi Beta Phi! We’re so happy to be working with you.

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