Insta Review: Each Little Bird that Sings, by Deborah Wiles

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Another book with a dog on the cover….you know what that means. Comfort's family lives in and operates a small town funeral home. She has attended hundreds of services and thinks that she understands death and all that comes with it. But when danger and loss hit close to home, she realizes that she has a lot more to learn. Told mostly over the course of a few eventful days, Each Little Bird that Sings flits between slow, trudging moments and hectic, action-packed ones. While I wasn’t crazy about the book as I was reading it, it makes me smile now that it’s over. More importantly, Each Little Bird is one of the first childrens’ books that I’ve seen that approaches death in a straight-forward, eyes-open manner -no confusing metaphors or flowery descriptions. A matter-of-fact story to help middle grade readers understand death. If your little one is reading this, get ready for cuddles and sniffles. (Pets work too – I used my cat as a tissue.)

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