Insta Review: Save Me a Seat, by Sarah Weeks and Gita Varadarajan

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#weneeddiversebooks alert! 🚨 Save Me A Seat is an interesting collaboration between authors Sarah Weeks and Gita Varadarajan that tells the story of Ravi, whose family has just immigrated to New Jersey from India, and Joe, a student in Ravi’s new school. Ravi is feeling cocky – he was a top dog at his old school in India and can't wait to show off his skills. But he is shocked by how different the culture in his new American home, and finds himself struggling (and attempting to hide it from his concerned family). Joe has his own issues, between school and home – but he knows Ravi is having trouble, and has a choice to make about what kind of classmate he wants to be. Both characters were lively and interesting, and their stories intersected in a funny, sweet, and engaging way. The book’s structure and details are based on food – an interesting and educational way of comparing American and Indian cultures. Loved the additional details of the glossary in the back and the recipes of desserts that played a large role in the story. It’s hard to write a collaborative novel that works, but Weeks and Varadarajan have pulled it off. Save me a Seat is a winner.

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