Insta Review: The Best Man, by Richard Peck

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Snapchat in book form? The Best Man does a great job of reflecting what its like to come of age in a time where viral videos and lightening-quick judgements are the norm. But as an interesting reflection of the generation it was written about, the text focused heavily on keeping a quick pace, up-to-date name- and vocab-dropping, and keeping a constant strain of pithy humor; to the point that it overshadowed the plot. And it left me exhausted! 😴 The narrator nonchalantly breezed over so much of the storyline that I never felt grounded enough in the story or the characters. Maybe it was the writing style that didn’t agree with me – maybe I’m just getting old. Bonus points for featuring #lgbtq characters loved and accepted for who they are, but I wish I knew more about them. Students looking for quick and funny stories will enjoy, but those relying on strong characters to fall for a book probably won't find enough substance here.

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