Insta Review: So B. It, by Sarah Weeks

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Most stories featuring characters with special needs are told from the point of view of the character themselves (like Reign, Rain) or from the point of view of a sibling (Al Capone Does my Shirts). When I realized that So B. It was told from the point of view of the daughter of a woman with mental retardation, I was immediately drawn in. Heidi knows nothing about her mama, except that she calls herself So Be It and her list of words is 23 lines long. Heidi and her mama showed up on Bernadette’s doorstep one February day 13 years ago, and they’ve been a family ever since. But when Heidi starts to wonder about her mama’s history, mama and Bernadette can’t hold her back from taking a life-changing trip to discover more about who she is. Heidi's character aches – to know who she is, to find a family, to know love, to make it through grief. The reader will ache right along with her. This story of luck, love, honesty, and loss shows readers that life is rarely as black and white as it seems.

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