Insta Review: The Gigantic Beard That was Evil, by Stephen Collins

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Imagine a book that attempts to tackle all of the fears and insecurities and misunderstanding that cause conflict between humans. Now imagine it as a graphic novel….. About a beard. Are you still with me? I hope so, because this book is worth it. It sounds ridiculous (and okay, maybe it is, a little bit), but there’s a strong message hiding in that beard. The Gigantic Beard that was Evil is about the completely unremarkable Dave, living his completely unremarkable life in the neat and tidy world of Here. The inhabitants of Here, with its rules and organization, never speak of their desperate fear of There, the only name that they have for the unknown. And then, one day, Dave’s beard starts to grow. REALLY grow. And it causes a domino effect that forces the people of Here to face their fear of the unknown… and to decide what kind of person they want to be. Kids might enjoy the beautiful drawings, but the message of this book – about humanity, prejudice, and the dark, cowardly way that we treat things that we don’t fully understand – will be lost on them. I won’t buy a copy for the library, but I will buy one for myself.

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