Insta Review: Moo, by Sharon Creech

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Sharon Creech doesn’t just write stories – she creates visual soundscapes that fill the air around you as you read. Her writing is like jazz, with the reader be-bopping and toe tapping their way through a story without even realizing it, only noticing the music after the cover is closed and the room seems weirdly silent. Written in Creech's signature mix of poetry and prose, Moo follows Reena, her little brother Luke, and her parents as they move from New York City to small town Maine. Getting used to farm life is challenging enough before their quirky neighbor Mrs. Falala decides to – eh hem – help them out by giving them some extra work to do. It's a pleasure dancing through Moo’s story, learning more about the characters, getting into the rhythm of small town life and it's bicycles, sudden thunderstorms, and nosy neighbors. A funky book that adults are likely to enjoy as much as their little readers. Joy and sadness take equal roles in this duet, but like all of Creech’s masterpieces, the result is all heart. Featuring a killer cow solo 🎶🐄

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