Insta Review: Better Nate than Ever by Tim Federle

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Red carpet ready 📸 Better Nate than Never is hliarous. Nate Foster (or N-n-nate F-f-foster, as he generally stutters in front of large groups) is a perpetual underdog from small town Pennsylvania who decides to sneak to NYC without telling his parents for a Broadway audition. For his trip, Nate prepares by packing $10, a box of donuts, his sheet music, and an old cell phone that can hold a charge for about 6 minutes. When Nate’s plan to return to Pennsylvania before his parents realize he’s missing does awry, all you-know-what breaks loose. Nate is self-deprecating and quick witted just like that friend you always want to sit next to during a boring meeting – he keeps even the most mundane of action sequences entertaining. Although the text rambles a bit at times, Nate’s character is so strong that it just feels like a friend going off on a rant. I laughed and sang and rooted for Nate the whole way through. Musical and Broadway allusions will delight music lovers, and Nate is the perfect champion for oddballs, weirdos, and questioning kids everywhere. Nate gets a standing ovation 👏🏽

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