Insta Review: The Misfits, by James Howe

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A sweet story of knowing yourself and making peace with the fact that you don't fit in. Bobby and his friends (including Joe from Totally Joe and Addie from Addie on the Inside, popular companion novels) are outcasts, and they know it. But they're not ashamed of the fact that they don't fit in – they see it as a strength. So when a school election doesn't offer space for anyone but the most popular characters, they decide to start their own political party based on kindness and tolerance, and use that to make the school a better place. Teachers, administration, and peers don't necessarily support that vision, but they work together to march forward and make their voices heard. Nothing life changing for me here, but I appreciated the strength that Bobby and his friends found in each other, and their determination to make a positive difference in their world. A good book to start conversations about empathy, kindness, and perspective ✌🏽️

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