Insta Review: Alvin Ho – Allergic to Camping, Hiking, and Other Natural Disasters

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Here’s a newsflash – human beings are emotional. All of them. The girl ones, and – gasp – the boy ones. And yet, it has become shameful for boys to show emotion. I notice it in even my youngest students – the boys are ashamed to worry or cry. It drives me nuts. So Alvin Ho was a breath of fresh air. Alvin is anxious and fearful and he knows it. He shares his worries with his family and friends, who help him to work through them. And when he’s upset? HE CRIES. BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT HUMAN BEINGS DO. And you know what? The world keeps turning. And that is what boys need to see. It’s not all emotional vulnerability and overcoming anxiety – Alvin Ho is goldmine for silly cartoons, funny jokes, and laughable moments. I loved Alvin, his little sister Anibelly, the whole Ho family. And so do my students! I tried to grab the next Alvin Ho adventure, but the entire series is checked out – and this one was yanked out of my hands by a fourth grader the second I turned the final page. Run, do not walk, to order the Alvin Ho series for your readers. Diverse, hilarious, and full of social-emotional goodness, they are the complete package.

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