Insta Review: Finding Perfect, by Elly Swartz

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For fans of Counting by Sevens and Rain, Reign, this story of a young girl struggling with increasing symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder will be a huge hit. Molly has liked things neat and tidy for as long as she can remember, but recently, her need for order has gotten to be too much. With her mom away for a year on business, her world is falling apart – and compulsive behaviors regarding order and germs are the only things holding her together. Molly doesn’t understand her compulsions, blames herself, and is afraid to tell her friends and family about her struggles. But when Molly finds an online community for kids like her struggling with obsessive thoughts and compulsions, she starts to wonder if she’s insane, or if what she’s facing is a real problem. I could feel her relief when she read that there were others counting, cleaning, missing sleep and trying to appear “normal”. It is a testament to the power of a community – whether online, in person, through literature, or anywhere else you can find it, knowing that there's someone else struggling like you are – and that they're surviving – is a powerful thing. This glimpse into the mind of a young person with OCD was completely fascinating, and I predict that it will be a HUGE hit with my readers.

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