Insta Review: Narwhal Unicorn of the Sea! by Ben Clanton

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Elephant and Piggie 10,000 feet under the sea. Narwhal and Jelly, a new series in the unlikely-but-precious-best-friends set, star in this adorable junior graphic novel. The short book is split into vignettes, punctuated with fun irreverent brain breaks like Real(ly) Fun Facts and The Narwhal Song. Mo Willems has this amazing talent of teaching kids social emotional lessons without them even realizing it; while the Narwhal book doesn’t have the same moral heft as Elephant and Piggie, it does have themes of friendship, creativity, and feeling proud to be different. More than anything, this book capitalizes on kids love of narwhal (seriously! They are obsessed! I can’t get enough narwhal stuff for them right now) and will leave young readers helpless with giggles. I’ll definitely be purchasing the follow-ups for my little ones.

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