Insta Review: We are Growing! by Laurie Keller

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This book made me the HAPPIEST! My kindergarteners were out of their minds excited when the opening pages to We Are Growing showed Elephant and Piggie praising it as one of their favorite reads. And from there, We Are Growing just gets better and better. Blades of grass growing in a yard start to grow differently – one is curly, one is crunchy, two are sharp… they are all the “something”-est. Except one little blade of grass, who can’t figure out what he’s supposed to be. They are all focused on the way they look until the lawn mower comes around… and they realize that they’ve had more in common than not all along. A great reminder for little readers that everyone grows at different speeds and in different ways – but we are all the “something”-est! My classes laughed and laughed and begged to hear it again, and I bet your readers will, too.

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