Insta Review: Secret Coders, by Gene Luen Yang and Mike Holmes

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Computer programming + comic books = 😍💕 The first in a new innovative graphic novel series from Gene Luen Yang and Mike Holmes, Secret Coders Book 1 combines graphic novels, puzzles, and computer science concepts into one crazy creative and cool package. Kids already hooked on tech will devour the binary code and programming connections, while those too afraid to make the plunge will be excited knowing that they dipped their toes in without even realizing it. The characters and their backstories didn’t do much for me here, but that’s not what Secret Coders is really about. I tried to put aside my judgey librarian goggles and not worry about who was who and why they were there and instead focus on the puzzles, concepts, and possible extension activities. This graphic novel is quick, fun, and could be a tipping point for a kid interested in computer science but too intimidated to give it a try.

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