Insta Review: Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

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👩🏽💕👱🏼 Girl meets boy. Girl falls in love with boy. Girl and boy share electric romantic moments. Conflict occurs. Hearts break. It’s all pretty familiar stuff – except in Everything, Everything, girl has an added complication – she lives in a bubble. Maddy has spent every day of her 18 years confined within the walls of her home thanks to life-threatening environmental allergies. She has never bothered to spend much time thinking about what she’s missing, instead choosing to immerse herself in her books, writing, and online classes. Then, a new family moves into the house next door, and their teenage son, Ollie, contacts her via email. It is Maddie’s first taste of what’s happening outside of her bubble, and – surprise, surprise – it’s a slippery slope. Yoon’s writing makes the typical boy-girl-love part of this book enjoyable, but it’s the record-scratching plot twist in the second half of the book that really makes Everything, Everything stand out. Maybe I was just too wrapped up in Maddy and Ollie’s story to see it coming, but I had a jaw-on-the-floor, slam-on-my-brakes, WHAT JUST HAPPENED reaction. The movie based on Yoon’s novel is currently in theaters, so between the romance, the plot twist, and the blockbuster stars, this is the perfect storm for YA obsession. #stabsummerreading

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