Ms. Fitz Has Read… January 8, 2018


Inspired by the wonderful Pernille Ripp, I’ve got a new reading resolution for 2018: I’m kicking my reading log up a notch. So that younger readers (and those not using social media) can follow along too, I’ll be keeping a visual reading log on the wall outside of the library. Follow along with my 2018 reading journey by the numbers and by the covers! If you see a cover that interests you, stop in and ask; many of these titles are available from our library and might be your next great read!

Here are the rules my library interns have created for me: I’m free to read picture books, but they won’t count toward my total. Chapter books for beginners count as long as they don’t have pictures on every page. Graphic novels count, but only if I read them slowly and carefully (I had to fight for those, but it was worth it – you know how much I love graphic novels!) I have to read the book the whole way through, and have to both start and finish it in 2018.

My goal is to post an updated picture of my progress here in the first week of every month. I hope that sharing my reading progress will inspire other members of our STAB community to read more, and to keep their own reading logs. I always keep a reading log of some sort, usually on GoogleDocs, but I’ve gotta say – something about watching that number go up, and those colorful covers grow, really adds to the fun. Will you read along with me?

Happy New Year! And happy reading!

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